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Savage Studio

Savage Studio specializes in transforming organic matter into metal - in this way questioning the divide between the natural and the human world. The pieces function as both aesthetic and experiential pieces. Art should appeal to the senses – stimulate the senses – engage the observer. Jewellery is not often taken further than the visual level. The intention of this collection is to take you a step further than the visual recreating the world into a place of increased sensory perception by bringing you into contact with one of the most important human senses: touch. Engage actively with the scales of the claws, the ridges of branches, and the ripples of the crocodile scales. Animals and nature in general play an important role in the brand as they make us question our place in the universe. Wearing nature is a new way of interacting with nature creating a conversation in which we question our environment and our place in the universe. The rawness and the power of nature is redefined when transformed into an aesthetic piece. Rawness and sensuality merge into a fluid dialogue.
so damn fierce!
ferocious! for your pleasure
ferocious! for your pleasure