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Nestor Osuna

Nestor Osuna was born in the North of Mexico. In 2007 he went to live to Paris, a city he simply loves as it fills him with energy and inspiration. He went to Paris in order to learn the language and discover its culture, but also with the de- sire to work in fashion, "I am in my preferred habitat: the universe of fashion, where I have developed for 15 years," says Nestor Osuna . Nestor studied fashion in Milan, Italy, in the Marangoni Instituto. Consecutively he worked in the design studios of two major Italian houses where he learned extensively how to develop a collection. This was a very intellectual enriching time which motivated him to create his own brand in Mexico. where his name is well recognized. He could also squeeze much of his creativity here and participate in several shows during Mexico Fashion Week. Over the years Nestor has continued to deepen his knowledge in various fields of the fashion world. "It is my passion and it applies to everything: makeup, hairdressing, photo shooting, magazines and styling. In other words, I love nothing else but that (or almost nothing else)". "Nestor Osuna visualizes fashion as a complement to life, a simple seduction, a light sophistication where the routine becomes generally attractive". Harper’s Bazzar, Mexico "When designing, I do not plan limits. I conceive a collection as a logic recorded on a strict and defined picture. The freedom of creation and the contrasts within a collection are not strictly antagonists; they are reinforced in the process of elaboration. We are constantly in search of a critical balance. A collection finds this point and creates a style". He decisively gets back to work on his creations in 2016, and is now preparing a 2nd collection to be presented in septem- ber at museo universitario del chopo.
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