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A British based fashion line wants women to ditch the dreary and mediocre and dive into a world of unique, striking and jaw-dropping style. With Motel Rocks, you will surely be noticed with their edgy, sexy line of unique, mod inspired clothing. Their punk “killer-style” is causing a stir all over Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and just recently the U.S. The retro inspiration behind Motel Rocks comes from the culture of American thrift stores. The designers behind this collection wanted their clothing to have the feeling of a unique and diverse find, but also fit perfectly. The punk, edgy prints are made feminine as they are form fitting against a woman’s body and accent her silhouette. They specialize in their conspicuous and quirky dresses, so they describe their consumer to also be a conspicuously quirky girl, like singer Lilly Allen. The Tings Tings, Alesha Dixon and The Saturdays are some celebrities that have been known to sport Motel’s iconic ensembles. Motel Rocks doesn’t reinvent itself to follow the latest trends, but instead it marches to the beat of its own drum and overrides them. Every collection tells a story with each article of clothing narrating a piece of it. This gives every garment history and a unique characteristic that avoids cookie-cutter style. Each piece is also versatile and can work nicely when paired with one another.

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