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Hacienda Montaecristo

Hacienda Montaecristo was born in Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula, in 2009 from two old friends: Francesca Bonato and Jacopo Janniello Ravagnan. Their passion for flea markets, souks, collection, antiquities brought them all around the world; following the wind, meeting cultures, listening to people stories, people lives. They were exploring the globe following only one rule: getting lost. Traveling without a map, without a schedule, just listening to their traveler’s instinct. The same instinct that made them find themselves and their real passions, allowing them to get lost again and again. Francesca left her native Milan during her University years and she found in Mexico the inspiration to begin the most amazing journey she could think of, soon joined by Jacopo, who was traveling in a long journey in South America at the time. They have been living in Yucatan since 2007 and were inspired in the creation of Hacienda Montaecristo by the tradition and history of one of the most fascinating country of the world: Mexico.
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