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Carla Fernandez

Carla Fernández: The Designer and the Brand. Since her childhood, Carla Fernandez has been a fan of Mexican culture. His father is a historian and he traveled to indigenous communities, while her mother visited international fashion centers. Carla discovered the wealth and potential of the Mexican textile and design. Her background in art history and fashion design allowed her to study the indigenous dress from a different angle to the anthropological. In 2000, Carla Fernández created the brand in order to create a unique fashion concept in Mexico. In 2009 Carla Fernández and Cristina Rangel, joined their talents in design, business vision and process engineering, with the goal of creating a leading fashion brand to represent Mexico in the world. In addition, the brand could meet growing customer demand currently. Carla Fernández is a fashion label inspired by the textiles and geometric richness of Mexico. Her proposal is contemporary and edgy with a warm and intellectual touch at a time. This style is the result of 15 years of experience studying the Mexican Apparel, perceiving in it a striking design potential. Carla Fernández has a unique label to create fashion trends not copying the already proposed. Takes its roots in the same way that the French make their fashion inspired by royalty or the Japanese Kimono. The brand garments reflect the sophisticated system of indigenous clothing based on the use of the square and rectangle, and works to create contemporary garments that give a new dimension to the body and break the stereotypes that are exported to Mexico. The reinterpretation of this complex system, and working directly with artisans, is the hallmark of the brand, for which the tradition is not static fashion. Carla Fernández and Cristina Rangel understand that there is in and out of Mexico the expectation of a Mexican brand, far from traditional stereotypes, offers a sophisticated way of dressing in the emerging market of sustainable luxury. The brand has been recognized simultaneously by two strengths: being at the forefront of design and a business model for its social vision. Carla was awarded the international prize Young Fashion Entrepreneur in the Year 2008 by the British Council and the magazine ID 2009 presented her as one of the 40 best designers of the moment internationally. Moreover, the revolutionary idea of craft­industrial production has been exhibited in lectures at universities such as Harvard, MIT, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Universidad Iberoamericana and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. Her designs have been published in several books, including Fashioning Fabrics by Sandy Black and The Air is Blue by Hans Ulrich Obristy. Among the journals in which her work has appeared are ELLE, Vogue, In Fashion, ID, Harper’s Bazaar and Wallpaper. Mexican newspapers, including Reforma and Excelsior have recognized the brand and highlighted its main strength which is that it has a product with creative and original design, able to interweave past and tradition, artisans and designers to fashion and its future.