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Laura Carrillo fashion lives through two meaningful experiences, his training as fashion stylist at El Palacio de Hierro and Chabe creative development, its namesake brand that has led to multiple publications Hotbook, ELLE, Glow, Harper's Bazaar, The Universal and to be present in 7 editions of Fashion Week Mexico, in the first edition of Mexico designed by ELLE, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico within T3 concept, My Trend in Polyforum Siqueiros, Google + fashion and the participation of the first Project Runway season Latinamerica. Chabe are in a continuous search for play pattern making, cutting, textiles and prints to give the consumer that garment unlike anything that on the market, although not intended to find the black wire fashion, searching to do and be the difference in each of its parts, the Just as every human are different for some detail that makes us special. Chabe not is aimed at an age, color or gender, will Chabe led to a continuous life style of risks and thrill of being surprised by what they can bring life.